What to Do After Your House Is Struck by Lightning

A house being struck by lightning.

Lightning strikes can be a terrifying experience for any homeowner. The powerful boom and bright flash are unmistakable, leaving you to wonder about the safety of your home and loved ones. If you find yourself wondering what to do if your house is hit by lightning, you’re not alone. Understanding the Impact of Lightning on […]

Trouble in the Walls: 5 Signs of a Bad Outlet

A kitchen island with two outlets.

Electrical safety in our homes is paramount. Every year, incidents related to electrical failures, such as fires, occur, emphasizing the importance of proper electrical maintenance. One common issue homeowners face is dealing with bad electrical outlets. Recognizing the signs of a bad outlet is crucial in maintaining a safe and functional home. In this blog, […]

Increase the Value of Your Home With These Simple Electrical Improvements

A person holding a small model of a house with coins.

Homeownership is a continuous journey of improvements and upgrades. One area that is often overlooked but significantly impacts the overall value of your home is the electrical system. Not only does updating electrical increase home value, but it also ensures your home is safe and energy-efficient. If you’re ready to get started, let’s discuss how […]

Surge Protector vs. Power Strip: What’s the Difference?

A person plugging a device into a power strip.

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have multiple electronic devices that need to be powered and protected from power surges. While shopping for accessories to protect your electronics, you may have come across two terms: surge protector and power strip. At first glance, they might seem interchangeable, but there are significant differences between the […]

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Five circuit breakers in a home.

Although the circuit breaker panel in your home is probably hidden away in the garage or outside, you shouldn’t overlook its importance. With all of its individual circuit breakers, this unassuming steel box helps protect your electrical circuits against short circuits and overloads. Circuit breakers are specifically designed to interrupt the flow of electrical current […]

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

How to Safely Deck the Halls During the Holidays! ‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts and decking the halls! The holiday season has finally arrived and you’re likely beginning to dress up your home in preparation for the season’s greetings and holiday guests. Wrapping garland, hanging ornaments, and stringing popcorn, your home has never looked […]

Green Electrical Tips

Green Electrical Tips How green is your home? The cost of electricity continues to rise, as does its negative impact on the environment. About 44% of the energy produced in America is generated by coal*, which is unsustainable and a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve compiled a list of smart ways to save […]

5 Must-Have Electrical Upgrades

When considering home improvement projects, upgrading your home’s electrical system probably takes a backseat to the backsplash or other trendy design projects. We get that a shiny new electrical panel or a sturdy back-up generator isn’t exactly eye-catching. However, upgrades such as these are crucial in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your home. Here […]

Tips on How to Save Energy in the New Year

Here at Universal Home Experts, we love to make New Year’s resolutions that benefit our entire family! If you’re looking for practical ideas that can help you save money and improve your lifestyle, try some of these energy-saving resolutions in the new decade! Ways to Save Energy in 2020 Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Full […]

What Are My Lighting Options for a House?

When you’re a homeowner, you know one thing to be true: proper lighting can make a difference in any room. And if you’re looking to upgrade your current light fixtures, the process might feel a tad overwhelming. That said, here are some popular lighting ideas to keep in mind that will help make your selection simple! Lighting […]