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Electrical Panel Replacement in Houston

Taking Care of The Heart of Your Electrical System

Your home’s electrical panel what controls the electricity coming into your home. It works a lot like traffic control, wherein it sends electricity to each of your system’s circuit. The breaker in the panel is in charge of regulating the electricity that passes through the whole system.

It’s not often that a home would need its panel replaced, but when you are in need of an electrical panel replacement or repair, make sure that you call on Universal Home Experts to help you. Our Houston electricians have the experience working on all types of electrical panels and can ensure a work done right and up to code every time.

When to Replace Your Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel in your home can go for years without the need for any upgrades or replacements. However, as more and more electrical devices and appliances find their way into your home, the current amps in your electrical panel may not be able to meet your needs.

Consider replacing your electrical panel when:

  • Your breaker is tripping more often
  • You find yourself using extension cords or power strips more frequently
  • The lights in your home continue to flicker or dim even after replacing the bulbs
  • There is a burnt smell or sparks in the outlets
  • You’re installing major appliances such as a new hot tub, air conditioner, refrigerator and other equipment that consumes more energy than usual

It is recommended that only a licensed Houston electrician be trusted to work on your electrical panel. Never try to remove the cover of the electrical panel on your own. Doing so puts you at risk of electrocution as well as creating permanent damage to your whole electrical system that could lead to electrical fires.

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Each Universal Home Experts electrician is licensed, insured, background checked, drug tested, and highly trained. Since 1992, we have performed thousands of electrical panel repairs and replacements. All of our services come with a gimmick-free 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. We also don’t stop working until you are completely satisfied or your money back!

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