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Lightning Strike & Surge Evaluation Services

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Texas is known for many things: a big state, with big skies, and big swings in the weather. Even the average rainfall we have is big, with heavy raindrops suddenly pouring out of nowhere and often accompanied by massive bolts of lightning. A lightning strike can contain millions of volts of electricity, which means a strike on your home could send a surge of power through your lines which fries anything attached to it. If your home has been struck by lightning, our experienced Houston electricians can come to you, evaluate the damage, and set to work getting it fixed so you can live in safety and comfort once again.

What Happens in a Surge Event?

During a lightning strike or other serious surge event, the sudden influx of power flowing through your wires and devices can cause an immense amount of damage. The most common damage is to your wires themselves—the influx of current creates an abundance of heat which can melt your wires and burn away the insulation, connections, and grounding. This makes your electrical system a danger to your entire home and your property (it’s not uncommon for this to start fires). In many cases, the best way to fix this is to completely replace all of the wiring in your home as well as some of the other critical components which may have become damaged like your circuit breaker panel.

Other forms of damage may include:

  • Tripped or discolored breakers in your breaker panel
  • Burned out appliances or electronics
  • Melting, smoking, sparking, or arcing in electrical outlets or switches
  • Visible charring around electrical devices
  • Tripped GFCI or AFCI protection
  • Faulty smoke detectors
  • Loose internal wiring connections

Creating a Plan for Repair

The first thing our team of skilled Houston electricians do when we’re called to a home that has been struck by a power surge is inspect these critical areas for signs of damage to determine the full extent of what has happened and what needs to be done. This is important because a professional can find things you may have missed on your own, and those things could lead to serious injury or faults should they be ignored. The last thing you want is incomplete or improperly performed repairs when your home is in a dangerous situation. The good news is that even if you have extensive damage to your home, it’s more than likely covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Surge Protection Evaluations

Once your home has been restored, our electricians can even work with you to ensure it doesn’t happen again by installing a whole-home surge protection solution. These devices are essentially like fuses or circuit breakers for your entire home—during a surge event, they trip or blow, cutting off your electrical grid and protecting everything that’s connected to it. This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by protecting your valuables, including your heating and air conditioning unit, your air conditioner, and more. We strongly advise that everyone install one of these units in their home as additional protection in case the worst should happen.

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