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Surge Protection in Houston

Gain Protection Against Damaging Electrical Surges

When most homeowners hear the term “surge protector”, they think of the power strips available for purchase at any computer or hardware store. These types of devices do offer a level of protection from certain power surges but only to the appliances, hardware, and electronics that are plugged directly into them.

What many homeowners are not aware of is that Universal Home Experts offers surge protection for the entire home. Amazingly enough, our whole home surge protection is often available at a price comparable to simply buying top-of-the-line power strips.

Whole-House Protection

Yes, you can protect your entire home and every appliance, hardware, and electronic device from damaging power surges. Get in touch with our Houston electricians to install a whole home surge protector directly on your home’s electrical panel or the heart of your electrical system.

With the installation of a whole house surge protector, all of your valuables will be protected. Now there’s no more need for multiple—and not to mention, expensive—power strips around your home. Use a whole house surge protector to protect everything once and for all.

Different Types of Electrical Surges

The most obvious types of power surges are those caused by a lightning strike. Especially in Texas, we know a thing or two about stormy nights. However, many homeowners aren’t aware that there are thousands of smaller surges occurring on a daily basis.

It’s these smaller surges that can slowly deteriorate the sensitive electrical components in all of your home’s major appliances and expensive electronics. A whole-house surge protector defends against all types of power surges, and Universal always has an expert Houston electrician ready for the job.

Get More Savings with a Whole-House Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector is a device that will virtually pay for itself by saving you the future costs of replacing major appliances and electronics due to damages caused by power surges—large and small.

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Universal Home Experts is here to save you from surges. For all of your electrical needs, call us at (713) 364-0226.

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