What Are My Lighting Options for a House?

When you’re a homeowner, you know one thing to be true: proper lighting can make a difference in any room. And if you’re looking to upgrade your current light fixtures, the process might feel a tad overwhelming. That said, here are some popular lighting ideas to keep in mind that will help make your selection simple!

Lighting Ideas for a Home

Track Lighting

Do you happen to have a space that is small in size, lacks windows, and is in desperate need of some light? If that’s the case, then track lighting is the answer! Known to be the perfect addition to any room or space, this will help bring just the right amount of illumination you’re looking for!

When you opt to have track lighting in your home, it is installed in the ceiling — that means there is no need for a table to hold the “torch.” Additionally, track lighting also lets homeowners position each light, creating the opportunity for a completely custom illumination experience. That being said, some of the best rooms for track lighting include, but are not limited to:

  • Living room

  • Kitchen

  • Hallway(s)

Pendant Lighting

Whether you’ve seen it installed in a friend’s house or a restaurant, pendant lighting is an extremely popular (and useful) form of illumination! This specific type of lighting allows homeowners to elegantly shed an electrically-produced glow in particular areas of their living space. Most notably, pendant lighting can be found in kitchens — primarily over an island or dining table.

A recent trend in pendant lighting is to have it as a focal point fixture installed above a desk in a home office. This not only provides a beautiful, subtle glow, but it adds some character to the space — especially if the shade, over the light, has a unique pattern or is textured.


A timeless way to add charm to your home is through the use of wall sconces. Nowadays, these popular lighting fixtures can seamlessly blend into your decor or stand out like a work of art — the choices are endless. Sconces are also a perfect way to pack a powerful lighting punch in a small, confined space.

On average, you’ll find wall sconces aligning the walls of a hallway or on either side of a bathroom vanity mirror — but there are even more spots where these fantastic light fixtures excel. Spaces such as a dining room, home theater, and even along the walls of a staircase are a perfect way to utilize this timeless lighting option.


Are you looking to make a statement? If so, a chandelier is the perfect lighting option for you! Usually found at the center of a formal dining room or a grand foyer, a chandelier radiates timeless elegance and is truly a remarkable detail. Of course, chandeliers come in all different styles and sizes — which makes the process of finding the perfect one for a room in your home a simple process.

Another benefit of chandeliers? They can be installed in just about any room in your living space — as long as the fixture fits the proper dimensions (you wouldn’t want it to duck down every time you walk in your hallway).

That being said, other rooms in a home that a chandelier can be found in are:

  • Master bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Living room

No matter where you have this incredible, gleaming beacon of elegance installed, it will surely be a phenomenal, practical focal point to have!

Are You Looking to Add a New Light Fixture in Your Home?

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