Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

How to Safely Deck the Halls During the Holidays!

‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts and decking the halls! The holiday season has finally arrived and you’re likely beginning to dress up your home in preparation for the season’s greetings and holiday guests. Wrapping garland, hanging ornaments, and stringing popcorn, your home has never looked more jolly. But there’s something missing still: the lights.

Hanging holiday lights can be a headache due to tangles, broken bulbs, and dealing with ladders or chilly winter days. The Universal Home Experts team is here to provide you with our favorite holiday lighting tips that will keep you safe and turn your home into a winter wonderland just in time for Santa’s arrival.


Begin your lighting process by making sure you have everything you need. If you’re using lights you have had for a few years, take the time to plug them in, inspect each bulb, and fix or replace any that are broken. This is also when you should begin untangling them. If you try to untangle them while up on the ladder, you could quickly become frustrated and risk falling.

If you’re looking for a fresh new set of lights, we recommend getting a set of LED bulbs. These have a lower running cost, last longer, and don’t emit heat.

Take a look at your extension cords to ensure they are in good condition and only use outdoor grade extension cords when working outside. Finally, don’t try to overload an extension cord or outlet as this can blow a circuit.

The Ladder

You should always work with another person when there is a ladder involved. They will be able to help keep the ladder steady, and keep an eye out for you in case something goes wrong. Here are a few more ladder safety tips:

  • Inspect the ladder beforehand for any damage.
  • Always set the ladder on an even, solid, dry surface.
  • Never stand on the top step of the ladder.
  • Check the weather report for wind or rain warnings.

If the ladder you’re using is too short to reach your roof, get a new ladder to use. Do not risk a fall by stretching or standing on the top step.

Stringing the Lights

Now it is time for the big moment. As you begin to hang up your holiday lights, we recommend not using staples or nails to attach them to your home. Doing so could shock you, cause a fire hazard, or damage your home. Instead, use plastic hooks or clips. They’re simple to attach and can be used for years to come.

Keep in mind the placement of your lights. If you’re not using LED bulbs, keep the heat emitting lights away from branches or leaves just in case. Finally, take your time. Leave enough time in your schedule to create the look you want in a safe and beautiful manner.

Follow these instructions and you’re sure to have the best looking home on the block this winter!

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