Keeping Your HVAC Clean

Cleaning House and Your HVAC

The time and effort that goes into maintaining a clean and tidy house is something many homeowners dread. However, it’s clear that the benefits of a clean home are worth the chore charts and cleaning supplies. From the floors to the top shelves, keeping a clean home will cut down on dust, grime, and unpleasant odors, improving your indoor air quality.

One piece of the household that may get overlooked on cleaning day is your HVAC system. While out of sight and a bit out of mind, your HVAC requires regular cleaning in order to function properly and ensure the highest air quality possible for your family.

The Importance of HVAC Cleaning

We’ve already discussed that a clean HVAC will have an affect on your indoor air quality, but why is that? The air filter inside your unit is responsible for catching all the dust and other airborne particles and keeping them from recirculating through your house. Once it becomes full, it can no longer do this efficiently. This allows your home to continue to gather dust and could also cause your HVAC to stop functioning properly.

Additionally, since air ducts are not always easily accessible, it is possible that pests may have made a home in them or have died in them. This is an extreme health hazard that should be taken care of as soon as possible, and with frequent cleanings, it will be.

Cleaning Outside

Let’s begin with the outdoor component of your unit. Head outside and begin by clearing any sticks, leaves, and dirt away from the unit. This allows it sufficient space to do its job and take in the surrounding air.

Next, turn off the power at the outdoor shutoff. This is very important to ensure you’re staying safe. Use a vacuum to catch all the excess debris on the unit, freeing up the fins. If you notice that the fins are bent, you can purchase a fin straightening tool from the hardware store and get them back in line.

For the final step, unscrew the top grille and carefully remove the fan while still leaving the wires intact. Set this to the side, grab your garden hose, and spray the inside of the unit to push out any missed pieces of leaf, grass, or dirt.

Cleaning Inside

Heading back inside, go to your HVAC and begin by dusting and wiping down the unit. Then, locate all the air vents and registers around the home and, using a damp microfiber cloth, give them a shine.

Now it’s time to replace your air filters to give the HVAC a fresh new start and to boost your air quality. Try your best to replace filters every three months for maximum efficiency.

Finally, pick up the phone and schedule your next duct cleaning appointment! This will give your entire system a final clean that will leave your air fresh and clean.

HVAC Services in Houston, TX

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