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Expert Lighting Tips for Every Room of the House

As any interior designer will tell you, lighting can make or break any room. However, achieving the perfect lighting can be a tricky task. Not only do you need to choose the right lighting for an appealing ambiance, but you also need to make the lighting appropriate for the task. For example, you don’t need soft lighting in rooms where you’re chopping veggies. So how do you create the perfect lighting in any room?

Living Room Lighting

Light three of the four corners in the living room. Focus one of those lights on an object (art, a plant, over the fireplace mantel). Use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some with a downward glow and some that shine upward. Allow for reading in as many seats as possible with down-glowing lamps on three-way switches. If you have an overhead fixture, put it on a dimmer.

Dining Room Lighting

To draw people in, make the table the brightest spot in the room. Use a chandelier or a pendant light above the table. Elsewhere in the room, indirect lighting is best. Give the space a subtle glow with a pair of small table lamps on a sideboard or matching sconces on the wall.

Kitchen Lighting

Focus on overhead lighting (on a dimmer that you can crank up when cooking), and add lower sources to illuminate work surfaces. Use pendants or under-cabinet lights to illuminate your work space as much as possible.

Bedroom Lighting

Aim for cozy. Place reading lamps or sconces by the bed—but not pointed directly at it. If you have recessed or track fixtures, angle them away from the bed, toward the closet area.

Bathroom Lighting

The best choice for applying makeup is sidelights, such as a pair of sconces flanking the mirror. An overhead light helps fill in any shadows on your face and also fully illuminates the room (important when cleaning). You may also want to install a light directly over the shower.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is any bright, direct lighting that is used to illuminate a work area for tasks such as reading, writing, woodwork, laundry, or cooking. Whenever you are using task lighting, make sure the light source is coming from the sides or from behind the worker. Placing task lighting in front of the worker will cause an annoying glare. Also avoid direct overhead light as this will cause a shadow to appear over your work.

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