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20 Things You Can Do To Save Money This Fall and Winter

Take some time this month to tackle these home maintenance projects; 20 things you can do to save money this fall and winter. Your wallet will thank us later. Not only will you save money on your monthly utility bills, but also by extending the lifespan of your home appliances and preventing water damage.

20 Ways to Save Money This Fall & Winter

Exterior Projects: October in Houston is a great month to take care of some chores around the home. If you want to take in the last bit of summer, go outside when the sun is out and complete these essential maintenance tasks:

  1. Clean gutters and install gutter guards.
  2. Check your drainage system, extend downspouts, and make sure that water is properly diverted away from your foundation.
  3. Inspect your basement for water damage, cracks, and leaks. Get them repaired as soon as possible to avoid big problems in the future. Test your sump pump and make sure it works.
  4. When the temperature drops (around Thanksgiving), winterize your irrigation systems. That means draining your hoses and faucets and installing covers for your faucets. Call Universal Home Experts to help winterize your sprinkler and irrigation system.
  5. Clean and store your outdoor furniture and grilling equipment for winter. Drain all of your gas-using lawn equipment, like lawn mowers, to prevent bad gas buildup.
  6. Inspect your roof for damage before winter hits. While you may be able to inspect your roof yourself, we recommend having your roof inspected by a pro and address any issues before they turn into bigger problems. This annual roof checkup will help prevent costly and unplanned roof repairs.
  7. Upgrade your exterior lighting and replace light bulbs if necessary. With darkness arriving earlier, you’ll want to ensure your stairs and walkways are well lit.
  8. Inspect your exterior outlets for GFCI protection. Houston is expected to see quite a bit of rain this fall and winter. Make sure that any of your outlets that are near water have working GFCI protection.
  9. Walk around the perimeter of your home and look for cracks and gaps near your windows, doors, and where utility pipes and wires enter the home. Learn how to use caulk to winterize your home here.
  10. Inspect and clean your outdoor heat pump and cut back any encroaching plants. You will also want to take a look to see if any branches are gettng to close to your house or power lines. Schedule an electrical safety inspection every year and consult your arborist to check the health of your trees.

Learn more about landscape lighting, fixing your gutters, and sealing air leaks here.

Interior Projects:

  1. Consider insulating your exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing this winter.
  2. Switch your ceiling fans over to the winter setting. Learn more about improving your comfort and air circulation here.
  3. Test your sump pump.
  4. Inspect the insulation on your doors and windows. Thick drapes, window film, and other products can help insulate your windows. Learn more tips for insulating your windows here.
  5. Check your air filter every 30 days and wait no longer than 90 days to clean or replace it.
  6. Test your AFCI and GFCI breakers to ensure they are working properly. If you don’t have AFCI and GFCI protection, call a licensed electrician to install these important electrical safety devices.
  7. Test your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms every month! Replace the batteries if necessary. Winter months are the most common time of year for home fires. Click here for more information regarding installing and maintaining smoke alarms in your home.
  8. Inspect and clean out your fireplace. Check your flue for any air leaks and schedule a chimney cleaning from a professional. If you have the proper tools and skills, however, you can complete this annual maintenance task yourself.
  9. Learn how to flush the sediment from your hot water heater. It’s also a good idea to lower your water heater temperature from the standard 140 degrees to 120 degrees. You will save money on your utility bills and reduce the risk of scalding.
  10. Schedule your fall furnace maintenance appointment with a professional. Annual HVAC maintenance ensures your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid and can lower your heating costs by 30%!

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