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Landscape Lighting: A Definitive Guide

Now that the weather is cooling down and the days are getting increasingly shorter, your outdoor night environment will become more and more important to you, your family, and friends. Adding elegant and warm outdoor lighting options around your home will help people find your house in the dark, safely walk up your steps and find the door, deter home break-ins, create a welcoming environment, glamorize your yard and deck, reveal hidden details and textures, highlight your garden, and most importantly, it will get family and friends together for long and enjoyable outdoor nights.

Dramatically extend the use of your outdoors and enhance the value of your home by lighting it up!

Here is our definitive guide to the different kinds of lights you can have installed around your home, including yard and deck lights, solar lights, path-marking lights, and accented lighting:


These light fixtures are placed high up, usually attached to a tree trunk or high branches, so that they can illuminate the area below, creating a moonlighting effect. Downlights are also used to light up walkways and provide excellent security lighting. The LED bulb is encapsulated by a cylindrical brass or copper glare guard, allowing you to focus the light exactly where you want it.


These lights shoot a bullet of light, that is a narrow light stream, toward walls, trees, pillars, fountains, decks, or the sides of a house. They are versatile and small enough to hide, while emitting strong beams of light that will be noticed from far away.


Well lights are great for creating a well-lit environment while hiding the light source. Well lights are hidden in the ground, protected by waterproof house, so you get the light without the fixture. Most often,l these lights are installed below a tree to illuminate the trunk and underside foliage. These lights can also be used to light up the side of a house. Well lights are great because they will not get destroyed by lawnmowers or tripped over by people. Well lights can be fixed or adjustable, making it easy to change your lighting angle.


Great for illuminating larger areas like house siding and garden fences/walls with soft, subtle light.


Flood lights are similar to wash lights, only brighter. They cast a light stream that is typically more than 40 degrees wider than a bullet light. A glare guard minimizes side glare. These are heavy-duty lights, so be


Solar lights, if placed in a sunlit area, will give you 8-10 hours of continuous light. The only maintenence required is some cleaning and a once a year battery replacement. These lights are perfect for DIYers because they are very easy to put together, and after that you just stick them in the ground where you want them. Although the other lighting options requires the expertise of a trained professional electrician, solar lights are very easy to install and can add amazing effects to your walkways or garden.

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