Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

How to Safely Deck the Halls During the Holidays! ‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts and decking the halls! The holiday season has finally arrived and you’re likely beginning to dress up your home in preparation for the season’s greetings and holiday guests. Wrapping garland, hanging ornaments, and stringing popcorn, your home has never looked […]

The Dangers of Neglecting Your HVAC

Your HVAC Needs Attention We rely on certain appliances throughout the home to keep our lives comfortable. The refrigerator, oven, bathtub, and dishwasher all make day-to-day activities easier. However, when it comes to keeping you truly comfortable, nothing compares to your HVAC. Your HVAC has the power to heat or cool your home to the […]

Keeping Your HVAC Clean

Cleaning House and Your HVAC The time and effort that goes into maintaining a clean and tidy house is something many homeowners dread. However, it’s clear that the benefits of a clean home are worth the chore charts and cleaning supplies. From the floors to the top shelves, keeping a clean home will cut down […]

Bathroom Cleaning That Sticks

A Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick To With busy schedules filled with balancing work and family, the state of your home can often take a backseat. However, there are some rooms that require a level of cleanliness to avoid a messy and unhygienic environment. Your bathroom, for example, sees it’s fair share of unsightly messes, […]

Summer Snacks to Keep Out of the Garbage Disposal

Keep Your Plumbing Happy Summertime brings warm weather, outdoor fun, and a lot of family time. It also brings picnics, BBQs and a host of other summer foods that your kitchen is soon to be overwhelmed with! With the kids home from school, it can be hard to keep up with all that’s going on […]

Do I Need To Clean My Dishwasher?

Yes, and here’s how to do it! The dishwasher is a lifesaver for busy families and those of us who hate doing the dishes. It’s a convenient appliance that we love and if something goes wrong with it, we feel the pain. It may come as a surprise to you that the reason your dishes […]

Everything You Need to Know About GFCI Outlets

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a special type of circuit breaker outlet that can automatically shut off power when it detects problems like an electrical fault. A GFCI outlet is the only thing standing between you and electric shock when near a damp area like a faucet. Since GFCI outlets were introduced in […]

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect an Electrical Safety Inspection

During an electrical safety check, an electrician will conduct a thorough examination of your home’s electrical system and all components, ensuring that everything is operating correctly and is up to code. This typically includes: The electrical panel Outlets Switches Wiring Circuits Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors You should schedule an annual inspection if your home […]

Lighting Considerations for Your Home Cinema

You’ve got the screen picked out. You’ve selected the audio equipment. You found the perfect reclining seats, USB charging ports and cup holders included. But what about the lighting? Without the proper lighting, your home cinema is just a room with a big screen. Before you convert that spare bedroom into your own private Alamo […]

Green Electrical Tips

Green Electrical Tips How green is your home? The cost of electricity continues to rise, as does its negative impact on the environment. About 44% of the energy produced in America is generated by coal*, which is unsustainable and a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve compiled a list of smart ways to save […]