10 Ways to Upgrade Your Indoor Holiday Lighting

“Tis the season to hang every string light you own and turn your home into your very own winter wonderland. Even though we don’t always experience the winter like some parts of the country, Houston proves to be one of the best cities in the United States for Christmas lights. With all the holiday spirit happening outside of your home, the last thing you want is for the festive mood die once you get inside. After all, the indoor lighting is what you and your holiday guests are going to notice the most.

Proper use of indoor lighting can set the tone for your holiday party, create functionality in your living spaces, and even make your home seem larger. Our electrical experts at Universal are bringing you their top 10 ways to upgrade your indoor lighting this holiday season so you and your family can keep the festive spirit alive both inside and out.

  1. Upgrade your light switch covers.

Use a decorative picture frame over current light switch covers to add some character. These can be switched in and out for the season, using colors for the holiday such as blue, gold, silver, red or green.

  1. Recessed lighting.

In most cases, installing recessed lighting isn’t as labor intensive as it would seem; however, it still requires the help of a licensed professional. Not only will it add cohesive lighting throughout, it will also make the ceilings look taller and the space look larger overall.

  1. Use soft, ambient lighting in guest rooms or sitting rooms to make them seem more inviting.

This can easily be accomplished with floor lamps or recessed lights. By using a soft low-wattage bulb, the golden glow will encourage relaxation and calm.

  1. Use accent lighting for any holiday features you want to highlight.

Adding some gentle light in the area of a feature you want to highlight creates character and draws the eye to it. This works great on nativity scenes or even to highlight your Christmas tree. Keep it simple and subtle, though. Too much light, even if it is soft, can become overwhelming.

  1. Drape or place holiday string lights anywhere that can use extra holiday cheer.

String lights are a great way to add character to any feature. They can be used wrapped around logs in a non-working fireplace or draped from the ceiling to create a winter wonderland effect.

  1. Add a statement fixture in your entryway.

These can easily be exchanged to suit the season or décor. A copper star shape or gold fixture is perfect for the holiday and winter season. It will help add warmth to your entry way and make your home more inviting as soon as guests enter.

  1. Add extra lighting to your kitchen by adding under and upper cabinet lighting.

This is easier than it sounds and is sure to make your kitchen a showstopper. It will turn your kitchen into the bright, energetic place people want to gather, and you will never have to worry about having enough light for everyone to cook with!

  1. Add a dimmer.

Dimmers allow you to control the mood and brightness of your room with just one switch. They are fairly easy to install with the current electrical wiring of your home.

  1. Light the dark corners of your home.

By lighting underused areas in corners, around bookshelves, kitchen counters and cupboards, it will make your home look larger, more inviting, and create more functional space.

  1. Maximize natural light.

Natural light is invaluable in a room. It immediately sets the perfect tone. Keep your windows clean and try not to block them. If you can, pull back the drapes or use light colored ones to filter the light into your home.

Several of these upgrades are easy to do yourself and require just a few tools. If you are ever unsure or unfamiliar with the wiring, call a professional. Any time there is electricity involved, it can be risky to attempt on your own. For any of your major indoor lighting upgrades, contact Universal Home Experts! We are the electricians Houstonians trust most! Call us at (713) 364-0226 to set up an appointment today!