Why You Should Update Your Exterior Lighting

Dramatically extend the use of your outdoors, increase home security, and enhance the value of your home by lighting it up!

3 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Exterior Lighting

If you didn’t think you needed security lighting before, read this:

Safety: Have you ever had to stumble from your driveway to your front door because you forgot to keep the porch light on? Not fun. Avoid the risk of broken limbs by investing in exterior lighting. Strategic lighting also creates a very welcoming, in addition to lighting up your address for friends and emergency personnel to see.

Curb Appeal: Security lighting doesn’t have to make your home look like a maximum security prison. Well-placed lighting can accent your home and make it pleasant to be outside after dark. Create a moonlight effect and highlight areas of the home for beauty and function.

Security: Last but not least, the security aspect of security lighting. A two-year study done on the effects of security lighting showed a 44 percent decrease in burglary and a 22 percent decrease in vandalism in homes that installed security lighting.

Security lighting detects and deters intruders and increases time spent outdoors.

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