When it’s cold outside, there’s no better feeling than returning to a warm and cozy home. But unfortunately, your heating system can experience an unexpected issue that puts your family’s comfort in jeopardy. For example, you might have woken up one morning only to discover your furnace blowing cold air.

You count on your heating system to keep you warm in cold weather — so a sudden, strange problem can make your head spin. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why is my heater blowing out cold air? What can I do to fix this problem?”

The good news is that this issue can be fixed. Below, let’s discuss the potential reasons your furnace is blowing cold air and what you can do to resolve it.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Believe it or not, your thermostat could be why your heater is blowing cold air. As you probably know, most heating systems like furnaces have two main thermostat settings: “AUTO” and “ON.” You’ll want to make sure that your thermostat is set to “AUTO” instead of “ON.”

When your thermostat is switched to the “ON” setting, you’ll find that your heating system continues to blow air through the vents even when it isn’t in the middle of a heating cycle. As a result, you’re bound to receive cold air instead of warmth. This can make it seem like your heating system is malfunctioning when in reality, it’s simply not ready for another heating cycle quite yet.

Airflow Problems

If your furnace is blowing cold air, it might be time to look closely at your heating system’s air filter. Over time, the furnace filter can become clogged with dirt and grime, restricting the airflow coming and going from your heating system. Poor airflow can have many negative consequences for your furnace — and could be what is causing the system to blow cold air.

Replacing a dirty air filter is a quick and easy way to help your furnace work properly. You should change the filter at least once every 90 days to avoid clogging. This way, you can avoid many problems down the road — including the need for a costly furnace repair.

Clogged Condensate Lines

Clogged condensate drain lines could also be why your heater is blowing cold air. As you may know, your furnace’s condensate drain lines are responsible for removing excess moisture created during a heating cycle. Unfortunately, these lines can become blocked with debris over time, causing this water to back up inside the unit.

When there’s a clog in the condensate drain lines, this can cause an issue with the burner — which can make it difficult for the heating system to produce hot air.

Dirty Flame Sensor

Gas furnaces have a safety feature known as a “flame sensor.” This flame sensor detects when a flame is present so the gas valve can open and ignite the pilot light or ignitor. However, if the sensor becomes dirty over time, it won’t be able to detect when a flame is present and can cause problems during the furnace’s heating cycle.

Although a dirty flame sensor could be why your furnace is blowing cold air, this problem can be easily fixed with the help of an HVAC technician. The professional will clean or replace the sensor to get everything back up and running like normal.

Ductwork Damage

Did you know that problems with your air ducts could be why your heater is blowing cold air? If your ductwork has sustained cracks or holes over time, cold air can mingle with the warm air created by your furnace. As a result, you’ll likely only feel cold air coming out of your vents — which is certainly far from ideal.

It’s no secret that damaged ductwork can cause serious issues for your HVAC system. You’ll want to have your air ducts fixed as soon as possible to get the situation under control.

Keep Cozy With Our Professional Heating Services!

There are many potential reasons why your heater is blowing cold air. The problem could have to do with your thermostat, heating system, or air ducts, so having a professional diagnose the root cause of the issue can be helpful.

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