The Best Ways to Light Your Property this Summer

Fact: the first day of summer is less than a week away — and what better way to prepare than with some landscape lighting? Known to be a staple of most backyards and properties, landscape lighting is indeed a marvelous feature for any home. Want to light up your property but aren’t sure how? Check out these great ideas:

Illuminate a Tree or Plant

One of the best ways to illuminate any landscape is to light up a tree or plant of focus. Of course, the lights won’t be placed among the leaves or foliage (as this would be a potential fire hazard), but the light will help “frame” the beauty of the tree/plant that’s desired.

Believe it or not, having a light installed alongside a tree or plant will breathe life into your landscape at night — keeping a gentle glow upon your home. Sometimes when you have outdoor lighting on your property, you’ll be amazed at how much charm it will add to the exterior. There’s no doubt that you’ll give your neighbors some serious yard envy!

Let your Home Shine

Another notable way to add some character to your home is to add some outdoor recessed lighting. Known to be a staple of most newly built homes, this will be the perfect element to bring your architectural detail to life! In addition to displaying your home’s “cheekbones” throughout the night, it will also be the best way to keep potential intruders away, too.

Depending on the size of your home and how many floors it holds, you’ll be amazed at the quality that outdoor recessed lighting can add. Whether you’re looking to light the upper half of your home’s roof or add some much-needed outdoor lighting to your property, these lights will be up and out of the way, creating an excellent light source that you won’t be able to do without!

Create Welcoming Walkways

No matter what time of the year it may be, your walkways are always a potential danger risk. Whether you have a freshly paved walkway or not, there is the possibility that someone may trip or fall —and then it becomes a liability issue. If you’re looking for a way to create safer, welcoming walkways, then landscape walkway lighting will be the best choice!

When opting for this feature, you have the option of either lighting the entire walkway or focal points. No matter what you choose, our team at Universal Home Experts can make your vision an illuminated reality. Unlike solar power walkway lights (from the dollar store), professional landscape lighting will match the aesthetic of your home — and will indeed be the best investment for the years to come!

Glow your Garden

Looking to get the most out of your garden or pond? Why not let it glow! When it comes to landscape lighting, another popular summer trend is to have lighting installed among your green creation. Whether your garden is the size of a football field or small lawn, there is always a landscape lighting option that will be perfect for your greens and pond surroundings!

One of the best ways to illuminate a garden or pond is to place some lighting between focal point bushes and shrubs. Not only will this add a whimsical touch to your landscape, but it will also add some more visually appealing features to your home. Landscape lighting is also a perfect way to deter wild animals from destroying your hard work, too — since they’ll be taken back by the lights!

Brighten up your Pool

Have a dimly lit pool or spa area on your property? If so, why not put some landscape lighting around it! Not only will a custom landscape lighting setup give your aquatic feature that much-needed glow, but it will also create a safer environment around it, too.

Sometimes, a pool can be quite dangerous at night, especially if the pool itself isn’t illuminated. When you opt for landscape lighting around it, the lighting will help brighten up all of those hard-to-light spots. Our team of certified professionals at Universal Home Experts will help create the most breathtaking pool on earth, creating a safe environment for all those who enter your yard, so you can keep the pool party going all night long.

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