Spring Tune-Up Time

Keep your HVAC unit running smoothly, use less energy and stay cool this summer with a routine maintenance check. Remember: regular maintenance now means you are less likely to need expensive repairs later. Here’s what you need to know about A/C tune-ups:

  1. Contact us. We wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself! Give us a call to schedule a basic HVAC maintenance check-up. A professional is needed to prevent damaging your air conditioner and to ensure that it’s properly maintained.
  2. Always schedule for spring. We highly recommend you schedule your HVAC tune-up in the spring. You’ll avoid a major breakdown during the summer, when the temperature is at its peak.
  3. Know your basics. Here’s a quick checklist to go over with your HVAC contractor when they arrive:

    • Check for proper refrigerant levels

    • Check all electrical components and controls

    • Clean evaporator and condenser coils

    • Check oil motors

    • Calibrate thermostat

    • Check the condenser

    • Check, clean and/or replace furnace filters

Give us a call today to schedule your tune-up! Universal Home Experts is a licensed and insured Houston electrician and HVAC service technician serving the entire Houston area since 1992. Along with our award winning residential service and repair, we provide Same Day ServiceUp-Front Pricing and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Visit us at: http://www.universalwiring.com/about-us-houston-electrician.html.