10 Signs You May Have a Leak in Your Home

Left undetected, a water leak can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Even the smallest leaks can account for a significant amount of water waste. Whether it is a dripping faucet, a toilet that won’t stop running or lower than normal water pressure, if you suspect a water leak in your home, address it as soon […]

Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

A typical plumbing leak is something that can usually be identified and fixed fairly easily. A leaky faucet or loose fixture will warn you with an annoying sound or a pool of water. But what about those hidden leaks that can continue for days, even months, without a clear sign of trouble? Water damage can […]

Practical Advice for Plumbing Problems

A little knowledge will go a long way toward keeping your plumbing system healthy. Using the following tips for repair and maintenance will help your pipes last longer and minimize costly repairs. Our practical advice for plumbing problems comes directly from the experts. Read, follow and keep the water flowing: Never Use Chemical Drain-Cleaning Products […]