What Are My Lighting Options for a House?

When you’re a homeowner, you know one thing to be true: proper lighting can make a difference in any room. And if you’re looking to upgrade your current light fixtures, the process might feel a tad overwhelming. That said, here are some popular lighting ideas to keep in mind that will help make your selection simple! Lighting […]

The Perfect Areas to Add Lighting in Your Home

While lighting might come equipped in every home, there are a few spots where it lacks. For example, some front doors don’t have a light installed — which can be a cause for concern when it comes to personal safety. If you feel as if you’re missing light in some regions of your living space, […]

The Best Ways to Light Your Property this Summer

Fact: the first day of summer is less than a week away — and what better way to prepare than with some landscape lighting? Known to be a staple of most backyards and properties, landscape lighting is indeed a marvelous feature for any home. Want to light up your property but aren’t sure how? Check out […]

Outdoor Electrical Safety

Summer vacation in Houston means that everyone will have more time to spend outside. Kid’s pool parties, neighborhood barbecues and extended visits on the patio are all part of the seasonal fun. Spending more time outside also means households will inevitably be using electricity; especially with today’s “plugged in” society. Because we live in a […]

Brighten Up Your Home With Natural Light

Go au natural! If your living space is a little too cave-like, here are three helpful tips for bringing in some natural light: Use Mirrors Use this classic interior decorator trick to make a small room seem larger AND help maximize natural light. Light Colors Choose light colors when painting walls. Light colors reflect sunshine, […]

Why You Should Update Your Exterior Lighting

Dramatically extend the use of your outdoors, increase home security, and enhance the value of your home by lighting it up! 3 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Exterior Lighting If you didn’t think you needed security lighting before, read this: Safety: Have you ever had to stumble from your driveway to your front door […]