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How to Save Energy Around Your Home in Spring

One of life's greatest mysteries is how homeowners can use less energy without it impacting our daily lives. The task is pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes that can be a challenge in itself. While you could be practicing the best ways to keep your energy bills at a minimum, there always seems to be a loophole where excessive energy will be used without your knowledge. If you’re looking for some ways to cut back on power, spring is the perfect time to do it. Here are some of our favorite energy-saving tips to share with homeowners:

Turn the Lights Off

When you were a kid, did your parents tell you to turn the lights off when you walked out of a room? You might not want to hear this, but good ol’ mom and dad were right.

Think about it like this: if you’re keeping the lights on in a room that’s vacant, you’re using up precious electricity that could be used elsewhere. This will also, unfortunately, increase your electric bill. However, the solution to this problem is straightforward: turn off the lights when you leave a room. This is as simple as it gets!

Utilize Fresh Air

Sometimes we do get a break from the heat in Texas, and it’s best to take advantage of it! As a homeowner, the minute that your living space tends to get a little hot and congested, there’s usually temptation to crank up the central air to alleviate the problem at hand. Sure, you’ll get that cold air that you’ve been longing for, but if you keep on your central air for long periods of time, then you’ll also be increasing the grand total on your monthly energy bill.

One of the best solutions is to open the windows around your home. This will not only let in some fresh air, but it will also help ward away any airborne germs that may be lingering within your home. This could easily be another check on your spring cleaning checklist!

Change your HVAC Filters

If you do plan on using your central air on those random hot days of spring, then you’ll want to change your HVAC filters as soon as you can. Typically, the rule of thumb is to swap out your filters every three-months, but sometimes that doesn’t happen right away. Make it a point to change out any dirty/old filters when the times comes, because you’ll be saving your HVAC system for running into overdrive, trying to work through the caked on dirt and debris.

With a filter change, you’ll not only feel a huge difference when it comes to the central air in your home, but you should see a gradual price drop on your monthly energy bills (and there’s no better feeling than that)!

Switch to LED Bulbs

When it comes to lighting your home, what bulbs are you currently using? If you’re dusting around your house (all in the name of spring cleaning) and notice that the lamps around your living room are using anything but LED bulbs, then we have some news for you: it’s time to make the switch. Typically, a home is filled to the brim with incandescent light bulbs, which use much more energy than you think.

However, if you replace these standard bulbs with some LED bulbs, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Not only are these energy-efficient bulbs able to light up a room significantly, but they’ll decrease your monthly energy bills — a win-win solution when you’re trying to save money!

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