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Every Homeowner Should Make These Home Upgrades this Year

As we settle into spring and clean out all of winter's clutter, it's a good time to also consider some home upgrades. While you're already in the process of freeing up space, why not invest in some of these easy home upgrades that will have you feeling productive and ready for the new season?

The Best Home Upgrades for Spring

You don't have to take up any major home renovation project to improve your space. These ideas are designed to emphasize your home's greatest features, maximize comfort and add some natural beauty to your space.

Each of these upgrade ideas can be done over the course of a weekend, but their impact will last for months on end.

Swap Out your Winter Bedding

Although a Texas winter doesn’t hit below zero, it still gets a tad cold and slightly uncomfortable (on some days) — which would prompt you to invest in some heavy, warm bedding. Therefore, now is a great time to change your bulky winter bedding for some light, refreshing linens. While your HVAC system and thermostat play a huge role in your home's comfort level, your bedding as a big impact, too.

Heavyweight fleece, flannel and cotton sheets are great for keeping warm, but they can quickly become stuffy in the spring. Invest in some airy, breathable bed sheets that will keep you cool through summer.

Liven up your bedroom by swapping out your heavy duvet cover for something lighter in a cheerful spring color. Complete the transformation with some new, cheerful throw pillows.

Switch Up your Lighting With LED Bulbs

Save money on your energy bill, and get more illumination, with LED bulbs. LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, but they cost only 20 percent as much to actually run.

The best part is that many LED bulbs are smart-light compatible, so you set the mood and change up your space with a few taps on your smartphone.

Stay Cool with a Smart Thermostat

Traditional thermostats can be temperamental, causing your air conditioner to run incessantly and never effectively cooling down your house. Instead of relying on your old model to keep things in order, let technology take over. Smart thermostats are affordable, easy ways to save money on your air conditioning and grant you more control over your home.

With a smart thermometer, you can set the perfect temperature for different rooms, so no one will ever have to argue that it's too hot or cold again.

Some smart thermometers only get better with time, calibrating their settings to suit your preferences. You won't have to get up and shut off the AC or heating ever again.

Beautify your Bathroom with a New Showerhead

Say goodbye to low water pressure and lackluster showers by upgrading your showerhead. Look for a model that adds a dash of luxury to your bathroom. Not only will a showerhead with a detachable hose make you feel great, but it will also help you rinse off any allergens that you bring in from outdoors.

Get a Better Dishwasher

Your old model might be saving you time but costing you a lot of money. Upgrading to an ENERGY-STAR dishwasher can save you more than 500 gallons of water each year! If your dishwasher is older, it could be consuming as much as 10 gallons per load; ENERGY-STAR models average just 5.8 gallons each cycle.

This upgrade is the most costly on the list, but it potentially has the biggest pay-off. Not only can you save money on your water bill, but you can also increase your home's value with a modern appliance.

Don’t Forget your HVAC this Spring

Schedule an air filter replacement and tune-up before you turn on the AC! It won't be long before it's hot here in Houston, so don't delay! Call Universal Home Experts at (713) 364-0226 and book your next service appointment today!