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Easy Memorial Day Home Projects

Planning on spending this Memorial Day Weekend in your Houston home? Why not make it a productive vacation by finishing some of those home projects that you’ve been putting off? Universal has blogged about dozens of easy DIY home projects, recommended by our experienced technicians. The most essential are the projects that keep your household safe and help you save money. Our three main home services: electrical, HVAC and plumbing often require the oversight of a trained professional, but certain maintenance operations can (and should) be completed by homeowners. Each of the projects listed here can all be accomplished in less than a day – freeing you up for recreational time with the family.


Test Electrical Outlets – An outlet tester can help you identify problems that might not be readily evident. If you have yet to invest in an outlet tester, this is a good time seek one out. Affordable and widely available (at any hardware or home improvement store), these high-tech diagnostic tools can instantly check the safety status of any outlet.

Replacing Electrical Outlets – There are some instances where an electrical outlet simply needs to be replaced. If one of your outlets flunks the diagnostic test, consider replacing the component first before having a professional technician assess the wiring.



Replace HVAC Filter – We are big proponents of replacing your HVAC filter on a regular basis. The filter should be changed once a month during seasons of continuous use (summer and winter). They should also be checked once in the fall and spring to make sure that they are clean and ready for the extra usage. A clean filter ensures your HVAC system works at maximum efficiency; filtering the air from pollutants and keeping the air moving at the required speed.

DIY HVAC Maintenance – Memorial weekend is an ideal time to perform maintenance on your HVAC. If you’ve been putting off these recommended DIY procedures, take some time during the holiday to get them done. Summer can be brutal in Houston and your unit is going to need all the extra help it can get.


Garbage Disposal Maintenance – A high percentage of our plumbing calls involve problems surrounding the garbage disposal. Many households use their disposals incorrectly; placing inorganic material and even trash in the sink. This is both bad for the disposal – and bad for the plumbing system. This holiday weekend, be mindful of these concerns and clean the unit using our recommendations.

Water Heater Draining – This maintenance procedure should be performed every couple of years. Even in Houston, hot water consumption goes up in the winter. This puts extra pressure on your tank hot water heater and can add to the sediment buildup. If you haven’t drained your water heater in several years (or forgot to do it last fall), consider spending this holiday weekend keeping your hot water supply free from sediment and mineral buildup.

Additional Maintenance Essentials

Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector – It is important that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are kept in working order throughout the year. While both types of detectors will last about a decade, the batteries that power them do not last as long. It is recommended that you change both smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries every year; checking the units themselves every month.

General Spring Maintenance – Living in Houston presents a unique set of home maintenance challenges. Spring weather doesn’t long (we are already reaching the upper 80s), so it’s best to focus on your home exterior needs early. If you haven’t already begun spring maintenance, take some time this Memorial Weekend to prepare your home for the summer heat.

Make the most of your long weekend with these Universal-approved maintenance ideas. Every recommendation is a simple DIY procedure (though some may take longer than others). Remember that our professionals are always available whenever you have a repair or service need. We even work on holidays! Call us at (713) 364-0226 to schedule an appointment today!