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Why Professional A/C Maintenance Is Important

At Universal, we are big proponents of DIY A/C maintenance. But we also emphasize the importance of annual tune-ups performed by a licensed technician. Changing out air filters, cleaning the condenser and making sure that the supply and return registers are free from dust and blockage are great ways to keep your unit running at maximum efficiency. However, there are only so many things that a Houston homeowner can do to ensure a long, healthy life for their central air system.

A professional technician has the education, experience and tools to assess the condition and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. There are also warranty stipulations on newer units that, if not followed, can void the contract. Annual maintenance by a licensed technician and part replacement from the manufacturer are two key components in most HVAC warranties. We’ve made a list of the reasons why professional care is essential for the extended life of your HVAC.

Thermostat Efficiency

A professional technician will ensure that your thermostat is calibrated properly and is in sync with your system. This service is essential for keeping the temperature levels in your home as precise as possible.

Professional Inspection

If you are experiencing problems with your unit, then a professional assessment should uncover the reason. But a maintenance inspection will also help find unseen issues (including worn parts) that could turn into potential problems. Additionally, a technician can make quick, easy adjustments to components that, if not treated, might compromise the unit’s efficiency.


Correct Repairs

An HVAC professional will know how to assess a problem and make the correct repairs. This includes using the proper replacement parts necessary to keep your warranty valid. A licensed technician will be mindful of not only the warranty stipulations but will also be familiar with the brand and the best ways to repair the unit both quickly and efficiently.

Professional Cleaning

An HVAC unit needs to be cleaned in order for it perform properly. A technician will clean and adjust the blower, clean the evaporator, condenser coils and lubricate all of the moving parts. An HVAC system can get fairly dirty during months of constant usage (especially in Houston homes during the summer months). This why it is essential to schedule annual maintenance once in the spring (before the busy season) and once in the fall before the system isn’t in constant use.

Keeps Warranty Valid

Most HVAC warranties stipulate that annual maintenance be performed in order to keep the contract valid. There are usually stipulations regarding licensed technicians and the use of manufactured-authorized replacement parts. A professional tech will be able to talk you through the decisions involved regarding the warranty of the specific brand. It never hurts to be familiar with your HVAC warranty and the guidelines you need to follow to keep from voiding the contract.

You can count on the professional technicians at Universal Home Experts to take care of all your HVAC maintenance needs. We will fully assess your system, checking all the components of your heating and cooling units including capacitor, refrigerant levels, compressor, thermostat settings, burner, drain pan, all moving parts and much more. We will work with you to create a DIY maintenance plan that perfectly coordinates with our annual professional tune-ups. We will also review any warranty information you have to ensure that we uphold any set guidelines to protect the contract. Call us at (713) 364-0226 today to schedule an appointment.