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  • Why Professional A/C Maintenance Is Important
    Why Professional A/C Maintenance Is Important

    At Universal, we are big proponents of DIY A/C maintenance. But we also emphasize the importance of annual tune-ups performed by a licensed technician. Changing out air filters, cleaning the condenser ...

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  • The Cost of Remodeling Your Bathroom
    The Cost of Remodeling Your Bathroom

    There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to remodel a part of your home – especially your bathroom. How much does a basic bathroom remodel cost? What is the average amount of space needed ...

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  • Spring Break Home Maintenance
    Spring Break Home Maintenance

    It’s Spring Break once again in the Houston area, which also means it’s time to start thinking about spring maintenance. While not every homeowner will be taking off for the long holiday, those that ...

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  • Celebrating World Plumbing Day
    Celebrating World Plumbing Day

    Today at Universal Home Experts we are celebrating World Plumbing Day . Created to honor the plumbing achievements made throughout the centuries, this event also allows us to celebrate the men and ...

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