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  • Summer Energy Conservation
    Summer Energy Conservation

    The hot, humid Houston summers make it difficult to keep the central air use at a respectable (and inexpensive) level. If you are like most us, your air conditioning has already been on 24 hours a day ...

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  • Lightning Safety Awareness Week
    Lightning Safety Awareness Week

    While the city of Houston is known for NASA and a host of other famous sites, it also has the dubious distinction of being the “lightning capital of Texas.” It’s true. We have the most lightning ...

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  • Water Conservation Tips for a Houston Summer
    Water Conservation Tips for a Houston Summer

    Another summer in Houston means high temperatures, high humidity, and high water consumption. If you live in a home, the lawn and garden need extra water to keep healthy. If you have kids, their ...

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  • Prepare Your HVAC for Vacation
    Prepare Your HVAC for Vacation

    Are you planning on taking a vacation this summer? Perhaps you’re planning on more than one? Make sure that you prepare your HVAC for vacation. While it’s common practice to secure your home for an ...

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  • Home Exterior Lighting Tips
    Home Exterior Lighting Tips

    With summer just around the corner, many Houston homeowners are thinking about their exterior lighting design. Whether it’s for safety, security, aesthetics, recreational pursuits or a little of each, ...

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