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HVAC and Plumbing Resolutions

At Universal Home Experts, we are big on New Year’s resolutions – especially when they revolve around the safety, health and comfort of our customers. Last week we shared our list of suggested electrical resolutions for the New Year. But our list wouldn’t be complete without touching upon all of our home service specialties. After you have committed our electrical resolutions to memory, take note of our essentials for HVAC and plumbing. Adding these home service resolutions to your list will help ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable home for the New Year.

Schedule Annual Maintenance – Make this resolution a mantra for the New Year. It is vital that your HVAC system gets a thorough assessment from a professional technician twice a year. Just before the beginning of the heating and cooling seasons, have your unit checked to ensure it is running smoothly. This will help keep it running at maximum efficiency and catch any minor problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

Change Air Filter Regularly – This is another tip that more homeowners need to follow. Changing your HVAC filter every three months is important for the health of your system. A dirty filter will inhibit air flow and put a strain on your HVAC. Its main function, to clean the air of impurities, will also be compromised. Make an effort to change out the filter at minimum every three months – and every month during peak HVAC usage.

Install A Programmable Thermostat – Installing a programmable thermostat will help you use your HVAC more efficiently. A “smart” thermostat allows you to program your central air to work only during the times you need it. Some designs can also “learn” your schedule and can change the setting without any prompting. Many programmable designs can be accessed using your computer or smart phone – giving you complete control of your HVAC no matter where you are.

Help Your IAQ w/Plants – Make sure your indoor air quality is clean and healthy with a variety of plants that filter out allergens and toxins. House plants are easy to maintain and can provide a range of health benefits for homeowners. Boston Fern, English Ivy and Aloe Vera plants are just a few of the common, easily accessible varieties that can make a difference in your home’s IAQ.

10 NASA Approved Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Get Your Plumbing Inspected – Your HVAC isn’t the only component in your home that needs to be inspected annually. Having your plumbing system assessed on an annual basis will help keep repairs to a minimum. It will also ensure that your pipes are performing at maximum efficiency.

Insulate Your Pipes – This year, consider getting your exposed plumbing insulated. Even in Houston, the winter weather can sometimes take a frigid turn. Freezing temperatures can loosen hardware and cause cracking in your pipes. Even cold temperatures that are above freezing can keep your tap water from heating up efficiently. Insulating your plumbing (and water heater) will help keep utilities down throughout the winter season.

Conserve Water (Low flow fixtures) – Make a resolution to use less water this year by adding low flow fixtures to your home. Modern low flow faucets, toilets and shower heads use less water per minute than traditional fixtures. In the past decade they have also been improved to provide a stronger flow of water, allowing for a more satisfying performance equal to common, less efficient models.

Benefits of Low Flow Appliances

Mindful Disposing – Don’t treat your kitchen disposal like a garbage can. This year, keep all non-organic material, fibrous foods, rice, egg shells, oil and coffee grounds away from the disposal. Consider keeping a trash can next to the sink when you are cleaning up after a big meal to discard the incompatible food waste. Creating a compost pile in your yard is also great way to get rid of food waste – and it’s good for the environment.

This year, make an effort to keep your HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems performing smoothly. By following our list(s) of easy-to-follow resolutions you’ll also be ensuring there are no costly home repairs down the road. Let Universal help put your resolutions into practice with help from our experienced staff of technicians and plumbers. Whether it’s a system assessment or a necessary repair, we’ll help keep your home in superior condition throughout the year. Call us today at (713) 364-0226 to schedule an appointment today!