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Home Service Valentine's Day Gifts: Unexpected & Appreciated

Sometimes the best kind of romantic gesture is the most unexpected one. This Valentine’s Day, consider giving a loved one a practical gift that they will be able to enjoy for months –even years to come. A home services gift featuring professional repair, cleaning or maintenance is a unique and welcome* gesture. Any homeowner will tell you what a challenge it is to keep a home running both safely and efficiently. What better way to show your affection than with a gift that helps them achieve these goals?

Candy is fattening and flowers die, but a duct cleaning will improve air quality and help keep an HVAC system running efficiently for years. Is there someone in your life who might benefit from a professional home service? We’ve got a few recommendations that are unexpected but appreciated – and offer a true token of affection.

Drain Cleaning – Gift them with a professional drain cleaning to rid their plumbing from clogs and slow draining issues. Drain cleaning can help with kitchen and bathroom drains, floor drains, sewer lines and other drains integral to a home’s system. Drain cleaning is something that most people might benefit from – even if they aren’t having current issues with their plumbing system. Being proactive on potential plumbing issues could save a lot of money and inconvenience down the road.

Pipe Repair – Regardless of what kind of pipe was used to form a home’s plumbing system, general wear and tear will eventually compromise the material. Homes built before the mid 50’s might still have their original clay plumbing (the most common type of pipe back then). Clay plumbing is especially susceptible to root damage and cracking. Gifting someone pipe repair encompasses a wide variety of services including trenchless sewer repair, water/gas pipe repair and pipe leak detection.

HVAC Maintenance – Show your affection with professional HVAC maintenance, which will help ensure that their central air system performs safely and efficiently. Annual HVAC maintenance is important for the continued health of the unit, so this is an ideal gift for someone who doesn’t already subscribe to a service. Maintenance can also ensure small problems are fixed before they degenerate into expensive repair issues.

IAQ Solutions – Do you have a loved one that is dealing with poor indoor air quality? There are a myriad of reasons for unhealthy IAQ in someone’s home. Their HVAC system, plumbing, pets and the quality of air in the city where they live can all contribute to poor IAQ. The experts at Universal can assess their air quality and recommend a variety of options to help with the specific needs their home.

Electrical Safety Inspection – An electrical safety inspection is one of the most important services that you can gift someone. If you have a loved one who owns an older home that hasn’t had their electrical system inspected recently (or ever), it is essential that they have it performed. An electrical inspection will not only help identify problem areas – it might catch a potentially hazardous situation.

Tired of giving the same empty, expected gifts every year? Make this Valentine’s Day a truly memorable one with a home service gift for that special someone. Call Universal today at (713) 364-0226 to speak to someone about our various service options.