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Smoke Detectors: By Design

Smoke detectors are an essential home safety device. They protect you and your household from fire and smoke inhalation. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommends that a smoke alarm be installed outside every bedroom. They also recommend that smoke detectors be tested every month and replaced every 10 years.

How many smoke alarms do you have in your home? Have you tested them lately? If these aren’t questions that you can readily answer, you might need to assess the viability of your home alarms.

If you find yourself in the market for some new units, for whatever reason, now is a great time to buy. Modern smoke detectors have come a long way from the sensitive white discs that proliferated the market just a decade ago. Along with new features that allow for easier turn-off and longer battery life, there are several that are available in unique, eye-catching designs.

Sleek, fabric-covered shapes, playful animals and colorful insects are part of the smoke detector landscape now. This new dynamic design emphasis allows homeowners to shop with an eye toward the aesthetic of their home interior. We gathered some of the more compelling new smoke detector designs for your consideration

Lento smoke detector

The Lento smoke detector is available Amazon for $42.50.
  • The Lento offers a bold look in the form of a giant fly available in an array of colors with abstract accents. Created by Paola Suhonen, a Finish artist, this lightweight plastic design highlights photoelectric technology which uses an internal light source in the sensor chamber to detect smoke. It can be easily installed with 3M tape (no screws) and the external casing acts as the “test” and shut-off button. The only drawback is the five-year battery life (as opposed to ten with a basic American alarm).

Buy the Lento Smoke Detector Here

  • The Kupu is an organic-looking smoke detector from another Finish designer Harri Koskinen. Its shape is a sleek square with rounded corners and is comes covered in a soft fabric (available in five colors) It is also available in a hard-surface chrome version for a more modern look. The entire exterior surface acts as the shut-off button (in case of a false alarm), which only needs a light tap to silence it. Like the Lento, it is easily installed with 3M tape, has a five-year battery life, and uses photoelectric technology to detect smoke.

Buy the Kupu Smoke Detector Here

Chick-a-Dee Smoke Detector

The Chick-a-Dee smoke detector is available online for around $75.

  • The whimsicalChick-a-Dee smoke alarm, designed by Louise Van Der Veld, is shaped like a small bird resting on a branch. It gives off a “chick-a-dee-dee” call as at the first sign of smoke, which eventually turns into a louder 85db warning alarm. The branch it sits upon serves as the clever mount that is easily affixed to the ceiling. The tiny design measures 7” X 7” X 4.75”and comes in black or white options. Winner of a Dutch design award in 2006, it is finally available for sale in the U.S.
  • If you are more interested in function over form, the Silhouette by Kidde offers a sleek, unobtrusive shape that easily blends into its surroundings. Looking more like a small white light than the typical smoke alarm, it measures a half inch in length and contains a sealed lithium back-up battery that will automatically recharge after a power outage.

Buy the Silhouette Smoke Alarm Here

Smoke alarms have come a long way from the bulky, ultra-sensitive models you remember from your childhood. Stylish, dependable and longer-lasting, these designer alarms are made to accent modern homes and offer a more secure system for keeping your household safe.

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