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Fire Prevention Week | How to Prevent Home Fires

Fire Prevention Week is next week (October 4-10), which is why we are focusing on how to prevent home fires and, specifically, electrical fire safety. Sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, this year’s theme is “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep.”

Although installing new smoke alarms and checking existing ones are extremely important for preventing fires, there are many other things you can do to promote electrical safety in your home.


Source: esfi.org

Prevention is key to avoiding electrical fires, and preparation is vital to protecting your loved ones in case a fire does occur. If you practice both prevention and preparation, the two fire safety strategies, then you and your family are very likely to remain safe from electrical fires.

What can I do to prevent home fires?

How do I prepare for a fire before it happens?

  • Smoke alarms – Install and test regularly
  • Make a fire escape plan – Practice it!

For more tips on electrical fire prevention and preparation, watch the video below:

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