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Why You Need Whole Home Surge Protection

With summer right around the corner, the likelihood of thunderstorms and electrical power surges increases. While those surge protectors that you buy in stores do offer a level of protection against power surges, it only protects the devices that are plugged into them.

If you have your kitchen appliances and other expensive equipment, like computers, phones, and stereo systems plugged directly into outlets, you are risking a lot of damage from unexpected power surges. What many homeowners don’t realize is that there IS a way to protect your entire home from costly power surges – it’s called whole-home surge protection.

What is an Electrical Power Surge?

Electrical surges occur when electrical voltage increases. Your average outlet produces about 120 volts AC power. This voltage is meant to stay uniform; however, if there is lightning, short-circuits, damaged electrical poles, or another accident, the voltage could spike.

If the high voltage lasts for at least three nanoseconds it is considered a “surge.” If it lasts only one or two nanoseconds, it’s a “spike” (science.howstuffworks.com). Despite the extremely short timespan of electrical surges and spikes, a high surge or spike can destroy or damage any of your plugged-in electronics.

What Can Power Surges Do?

Your electronic devices are meant to run on a standard 120 volts of power. Too much electrical pressure on a wire heats it up and makes it burn like the filament in a light bulb. Even if your machine survives the surge or spike, the strain on its electronics will may wear them down over time or damage their controls.

Besides the damage done to your appliances and electronics, power surges can even cause an electric fire.

For more information on power surges, take a look at The U.S. Dept. of Commerce’s “Surges Happen! How to Protect the Appliances in Your Home.

There’s a Solution! It’s Called Whole-Home Surge Protection

Protect your pricey electronics with a whole-home surge protector. These surge protectors protect all of the electronics in your home from the flat screen in your bedroom to the desktop computer in your home office. They are easy to install and plug in directly to your electrical panel.

Protect all of your expensive electronics and appliances with a surge protector that secures your entire home from powerful electrical spikes and surges. The Houston area in particular receives a large amount of electrical surges every day. Just think, anything plugged in to your circuit board is risking its very life if it doesn’t have whole-home surge protection.

For more information on power surges and whole home surge protection, watch this video:

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