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Home Maintenance Tasks for New Homeowners Day!

So, you bought a new home? Congratulations!! This is a very exciting time for you. After dealing with the lawyers, real estate brokers, home inspections, and insurance agents, you may think it is time to relax. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things to do before you can do that.

After doing some preliminary cleaning and unpacking all the boxes, here are 3 essential homeowner tasks you must tackle before you can “relax”:

6 Essential Homeowner Tasks

1. Lose Weight (cut energy use)

A good place to start is your HVAC ductwork. Ducts are notorious energy-wasters, leaking your heating and cooling air through holes and loose connections.

Sealing and insulating your ductwork can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20%, saving you $200 per year or more, according to Energy Star. You’ll make your home more comfortable, and a more-efficient system helps extend the life of your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump.

Because ducts are usually hidden inside walls, ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces, sealing and insulating them may be a difficult and time-consuming DIY job. If you can’t reach all your ducts, concentrate on those that are accessible.

Use duct sealant — called mastic — or metal-backed tape to seal the seams, holes, and connections. Don’t use the confusingly named “duct tape,” which won’t provide a permanent solution. Be sure to seal connections at vents and floor registers — these are likely places for leaks to occur.

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2. Purify Indoor Air

The EPA lists indoor air quality as one of the top environmental health hazards. That’s because indoor air is full of potential contaminants, such as dust, mold spores, pollen, and viruses. The problem is at its worst during winter, when windows and doors are shut tight.

You can help eliminate harmful lung irritants in your home with these maintenance and improvement tips:

  • Maintain your HVAC system and change furnace filters regularly. Use the highest-quality filters you can afford ($10-$20) and change every month during peak heating and cooling seasons.
  • Keep indoor air pristine by using low-VOC paints when you remodel your rooms.
  • Use localized ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms to remove cooking fumes, smoke, and excess humidity. Make sure ventilation systems exhaust air to the outside of your home, rather than your attic crawl space or between ceiling joists.
  • In fireplaces and wood stoves, burn real firewood rather than pressed wood products that may contain formaldehyde.
  • Use a portable air cleaner to help cleanse the air in single rooms. Portable air cleaner types include mechanical air filters, electrostatic precipitators, ion generators, and ultraviolet lamps.

Note that each type of air cleaner is designed to remove specific pollutants; no portable air cleaner removes all pollutants. Be wary of air cleaners that generate ozone — a known lung irritant.

Source: houselogic

3. Add outdoor lighting, seal up air leaks, and clear your gutters.

4. Inspect your gutter and drainage system and learn how to fix runoff problems.

5. Take the time to go over this electrical safety checklist for peace of mind in your home.

6. Schedule Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Before you have to use your air conditioner, you should schedule your annual maintenance check-up. It is important to schedule annual tune-ups on your HVAC system before each heating and cooling season in order to prevent expensive repairs and breakdowns in addition to being essential for maintaining your HVAC manufacturer’s warranty.

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