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3 Easy DIY Yard Projects

This weekend will be a beautiful one! Take advantage of the warm and sunny weather by getting outside and completing some easy DIY yard projects.

Here are a few ideas for you to enjoy the weather this weekend while at the same time adding value and beauty to your Houston home.

1. Add Outdoor Lighting

  • Light up a tree
  • Light the front of the home
  • Light up a walkway or sidewalk
  • Light up a feature of your home
  • Light around a garden
  • Light up the pool area or decking

Landscape lighting, and lighting in general, is very important for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Adding lighting to your yard will light up the area for added safety and security as well as creating a welcoming environment for family and friends to get together.


Source: http://ow.ly/BkUrl Illustration: Arthur Mount

Read our definitive guide to landscape lighting here.

Although we want you to enjoy the weather this weekend and plan your outdoor lighting scheme, indoor lighting is just as important. Remember, Valentine’s Day is coming up and there is no better mood-influencer than your lighting. Consider installing dimmers, recessed lighting, up lights, down lights, and more for that extra romantic touch.

2. Seal Up Those Leaks

Walk around the perimeter of your house and check for air leaks around your windows, doors, and where utilities enter the home. For cracks and openings that are smaller than ¼ inch, use weatherproof caulk. If the gaps are any larger than that, use Expandable Foam Spray.

Replace any old weatherstripping and remember to remove the old caulk/weatherstripping before adding the new.

This Home Depot blog goes more in-depth and teaches you different methods for sealing all those cracks and gaps in your house.

We don’t know if you will be using your heater or your air conditioner this weekend, but sealing up your home’s air leaks is important for both heating and cooling loss. You want to keep your precious conditioned air inside your home and prevent the humid, polluted outdoor air from entering.

If, however, you make any significant changes to your home’s insulation and airtightness, be sure to consult with your local HVAC contractor for proper ventilation. It is possible to have a home that is too tight, preventing proper ventilation. Your home needs to breath too.

You can also check underneath your house for unwanted moisture penetration and water buildup. Sealing leaks underneath your house and near your crawlspaces is important to keep moisture out.

3. Clear Your Gutters

Get a ladder and head for your gutters. Ideally, you shouyld make sure your gutters are cleaned before the start of fall, winter, and spring, although we know that many homeowners neglect to do this outdoor maintenance chore once a year, nevermind three times per year.

Still, if you haven’t cleared your gutters out yet, take the time this weekend to complete the job. Be very careful with your ladder and have someone stand at the bottom and secure your safety while you are up there. If you are uncomfortable doing this, call a professional for help.

You may notice some repairs that need to be made to your gutters while you are up there. Rather than try to tell you all of the details, we’ll let Lowe’s show you how:

If you are having trouble cleaning and repairing your gutters, give Universal Home Experts a call! We are your trusted source for local plumbing, electric, and HVAC installation and repair in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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