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How to Hide Unsightly Electrical Cords

We all have this problem: bunches of cords getting tangled and making a mess. You try stuffing them behind furniture or even worse, underneath rugs and carpet. Instead of placing your cords where they could potentially get tripped over or stepped on, hide your cords the elegant way with these tips for hiding your unsightly electrical cords.

You could always talk to a professional electrician to hide your cords in the walls, however, there are other ways to hide or mask your electrical cords.

6 Ways to Artfully Hide Your Electrical Cords

1. If you have a a bunch of cords connected to a bulky surge protector, your best bet may be to hide the whole thing in a cave. Fix your wired mess with this “Powerblock,” a sleek design by Studio Manzano.

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Via yankodesign

2. This Power Line design by Daniel Ballou doesn’t exactly hide your cords, but it does put them in a new light. Create your own mini electrical grid on your desk to help you organize and display your cords in a creative way.


3. Instead of buying a product, you can artfully hide your cords by camouflaging them with wall art. Take some inspiration from the picture below.


Via homesthetics.net

4. Check out this DIY storage unit that you can use to hide just about anything. We think it works best as a hiding place for your cords though.


Via diyreal.com

5. Use the cords themselves to create wall art. Many people have done this, and the style is completely up to you. You can make clean, linear lines, swirls and curlicues, or more complicated shapes. The possibilities are really endless.


Via apartmenttherapy.com

6. And last but least, there are many products in stores and online that will help you organize your cords. They may not be the most creative ways to deal with the cords, but they may be a little more practical.


Via cableorganizer.com

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