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Best Ways to Save Energy and Keep Your Home Comfortable

Do you feel like you are paying too much on your utility bills?

You’re not the only one. As the temperatures drop and energy prices rise, many people are asking the same question.

You will be dealing with utility bills for the rest of your life. You may as well find out how to reduce energy use while maintaining your comfort.

1. Have a Programmable Thermostat – a programmable thermostat allows you to lower the temperature while you’re away or sleeping while keeping it at a comfortable temperature while you are home and awake, thus saving you energy you without sacrificing comfort. For every degree change you could save up to 5% on your heating bill,.

2. Check and Replace Air Filters – not only will you enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system, but you will also extend its life, saving you on costly repairs.

Don’t forget to schedule you annual furnace tune-up visit from the Universal Home Experts. Regular maintenance is usually a requirement for any warranties you may have on your HVAC system and will help you save money on your energy bill as well as extend the unit’s life.

3. Seal Up Your Home – use an incense/smoke stick and hold it up to areas where you suspect a leak. If the smoke moves forcefully, there is air flow and you should attempt to seal the area up.

The first places to check would be windows and doors. Then move on to places where there is wiring, pipes, or vents moving through the walls, ceiling, or floor.

You can use caulk and weather stripping for these areas. Use Expandable Foam Spray for large leaks, usually on the outside of your home, greater than a ¼ inch. For smaller cracks, use caulk. Use weatherstripping and rope caulk to seal up windows and doors. Use rubber gaskets for electrical outlets.

If you have a fireplace, make sure that the damper is fully closed and well sealed. If you never use your fireplace, consider sealing up your chimney with a thick piece of foam and insulation. Dampers don’t fully prevent air leaks.

For more info, check out our previous blog 3 Easy Fixes For a Leaky Home.

4. Be Aware of Energy Use – Turn off lights and fans and lower the thermostat when you leave the house. Consider unplugging items that go unused like a lamp, radio, or that refrigerator in the garage. An extra refrigerator can add an extra 20% to you electricity bill.

Remember to turn off ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathroom after you are done using them. Forgetting to turn them off will suck a lot of your heated air out of your home.

Shorten the amount of time you spend in the shower. You don’t have to shampoo your hair every day; in fact, most experts advise against it. Also, the thicker and curlier your hair, the longer you can go between shampoo washes.

Use dishwasher and laundry only when they are sufficiently full and use cold water for most loads.

Replace all your most frequently use light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

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