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Dead Furnace? 3 Top Tips Before Calling Your HVAC Technician

So you come home from work and the house is freezing. You go to the thermostat to check if it is set to “heat” and at the right temperature. Everything seems to be where it is supposed to be, but the furnace just won’t turn on.

It seems that no matter what you do, the furnace just won’t turn on.

Before you despair and call the local heating and cooling company, here the top 3 things you can try yourself to get your heat running again, which also might save you some embarrassment:

1. Check Your Air Filter

Many people neglect to check and change their air filters, and as a result can block the necessary airflow that keep your HVAC system cool and running. If there is a lot of air blockage, your HVAC system can overheat and stop working.

Air filters should be checked every month and replaced every 1-3 months depending on your home’s HVAC usage.

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You should also go around your house to check if any air registers or vents are being blocked. This can slow down your system’s startup time and contribute to the airflow blockage.

2. Check Your Thermostat Wiring or Batteries

While some thermostats are wired to your electrical system, others are powered by batteries. If you have wires, check them to see if there is any fraying or damage. If you your battery is low, there will usually be an indicator light on your thermostat, but it often goes unnoticed.

For most thermostats, you can easily pull or slide the wall mount off and flip it over to reveal the wiring/battery slot. You can remove the old battery with a small flathead screwdriver.

3. Is There Power?

You can tell if there is an issue with electricity getting to the furnace by flipping the Fan switch from Auto to On and checking to see if the equipment turns on. If it turns on, you have power. If you don’t, you have an electricity problem. Hiring an HVAC company that is also staffed with experienced electricians is a must.

If there is no power, check the breaker/fuse box. The solution might be as simple as flipping a breaker switch or changing a blown fuse.

If your furnace has stopped working, take a couple of minutes to breathe and then calmly go through some DIY troubleshooting before you go and call a professional.

If these top 3 top troubleshooting tips didn’t do the trick, Bob Vila’s slightly longer list may be able to help you out.