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Protect Your Property From Power Surges

Universal Home Experts recently shared an important home safety message, ‘Protect Your Home from Lightning.’ Here is more information on that topic.

It’s inevitable that during the summer you will experience at least one thunderstorm with the bright flashes of lightning and the house shaking thunder rolls. And with thunderstorms come potential power surges that can leave you in the dark for seconds, or hours. So how do these power surges affect your home electronics?

In a nutshell, your home electrical appliances can only handle a maximum voltage so many times before it gives out on you. During power surges, the voltage exceeds the peak voltages your electronics are wired to withstand, therefore over time damaging things like your computer, home phone, television, stereo, etc. So the next question is, what can you do to ensure that your expensive electronics won’t need to be replaced any time soon?

Point-Of-Use Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) along with a grounding system work to divert the power surge, such as a lightning strike, to the ground. Even more specifically, you can choose a point-of-use device or service entrance surge protection device.