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Electrical Inspection | US Inspect

Universal Home Experts recently shared an important home safety message, ’Before You Buy that House, Insist on an Electrical Inspection.’ Here is more information on that topic.

Ready for your at-home electrical inspection? There are just a couple quick things Universal Home Experts would like to note regarding your inspection so you know just want to expect. It’s our job to make sure your home is safe for you and your family. So let us do the worrying, it will help take a load off of your very full plate!

Here are some things a Universal Home Expert technician will check:

  • Service voltage
  • Service entrance amperage
  • Electric meter
  • Service disconnect inspection
  • Service panel inspection
  • Bonding of service equipment
  • Grounding
  • Loads

Whether you are moving out of your home, purchasing a new one, or just want some peace of mind knowing your existing home is electrically safe and sound, having an expert take a look at your electrical system is something you won’t regret. There are a lot of dangers we can avoid, and electrical fires and shocks are fortunately some of them. Universal Home Experts is standing by waiting for your call, so let us stop by and give your home the detailed inspection it deserves.