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Safety Tips- Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Recently Universal Home Experts shared an important home safety message, ‘Proper Fuses by Universal Wiring.’ We would like to provide more information on that topic.

A fuse and circuit breaker are designed to trip, or shut off, which saves your home from a dangerous electrical fire. All fuses and circuit breakers serve the same purpose which is to protect your electrical wiring from overheating and catching fire.

The difference between the two is that a fuse can only warn you once. Once it overheats and burns out, it must be replaced.

When replacing a fuse, always use the proper size and type of fuse for the circuit. Here a few examples:

·         Use a 15-amp fuse for lights, small appliances and other general uses

·         Use a time-delay fuse for large motorized appliances

·         Screw fuses tightly in place by hand

·         Never substitute a higher amp fuse