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The Fight Against Counterfeit Electrical Products

Recently Universal Home Experts shared an important home safety message, ‘Counterfeit Electrical.’ We would like to provide more information on that topic.

The fight against counterfeit electrical products has been heating up for years. In July 2010, US Customs and Border Patrol seized 1,988 desk lamps at a port in Georgia that were marked with counterfeit Underwriter Laboratories (UL) logos.

Since then, UL has issued numerous statements regarding counterfeit electrical products from 8-foot ground rods to 9-foot extension cords.

An estimated $1 billion in counterfeit products hit the US market every year with between $300-400 million being counterfeit electrical products. That is an amazing amount of unsafe products hitting the shelves of stores for consumers to purchase.

Some of these products include:

·         Circuit breakers

·         Control panels

·         Fuses

·         Lighting fixtures

·         Wire and cable