Bathroom Cleaning That Sticks

A Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick To

With busy schedules filled with balancing work and family, the state of your home can often take a backseat. However, there are some rooms that require a level of cleanliness to avoid a messy and unhygienic environment. Your bathroom, for example, sees it’s fair share of unsightly messes, yet it is easy for the disorder to somehow get away from you.

Making a commitment to keeping this room clean will help keep your family safe from harmful germs and bacteria, and it may not be as time consuming and difficult as you think! Working cleaning into your daily routine does take some effort, but the results are sure to pay off in the end. Especially if you follow this recommended schedule from Universal Home Experts.

Weekly Cleaning

Begin by committing to doing the following chores once a week. You can divide them up amongst family members, getting the kids in on the fun and teaching responsibilities early on!


The floors are a commonly overlooked area of the bathroom that can go uncleaned for weeks accidentally. We strongly suggest you don’t skip this chore. Every time you flush the toilet, water containing bacteria is flung about, landing on surrounding surfaces including the floor.

Sweep and mop the floor with a disinfectant-rich product that will shine.


Towels and bathmats take in droplets of water faster than they can completely dry through. If they don’t completely dry, they will likely begin to grow mildew and become musty. Try to toss them in the washing machine once every week to give them new life.

Bonus: if you have a teenager, it’s the perfect time to teach them how to do their own laundry! This can become their contribution to bathroom cleaning, taking another task off your plate and teaching them a valuable life skill.


We don’t need to go into the icky details about the bathroom to convince you it needs to be regularly disinfected. Using a disinfectant spray or wipes, be sure to wipe down the exterior of the toilet, doorknobs, faucet, and countertop to rid the room of dangerous bacteria. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the toilet as well to keep it sparkling!

Miscellaneous Tasks

Cleaning the bathtub and shower may seem redundant as you’re constantly filling it with soap and water.

However, they require additional attention thanks to hard water and mildew build-up. Keep a squeegee on a hook in the shower and get rid of the excess water after bathing to avoid encouraging mold growth.

You should also wipe down the mirror and countertop as spills and splashes occur. Trust us, it’s much easier to clean wet spills than dry ones. Finally, be sure to empty the trash every week to avoid any strange smells.

While this may seem like a long list of to-do’s, remember you don’t have to complete everything in one day! Spread them out throughout the week, divide them amongst the family, and it’ll be easier than you think.

Daily Cleaning

There are some tasks that you should complete every day in order to stay on top of the mess. These include wiping up spills as they happen (dried toothpaste is harder to clean!), hanging up towels to allow them to dry better, and putting products away rather than letting them gather on the countertop.

Don’t let this cleaning list scare you! Give yourself a bit of grace and don’t get too discouraged if you occasionally forget one or two things. Simply get back on track when you can and soon you’ll have built the tasks into your routine.

If you’re experiencing a more extreme bathroom cleaning issue, such as a clogged toilet or drain, give Universal Home Experts a call at (713) 364-0226! Our drain services are sure to get your water flowing freely once again!