Some plumbing leaks are obvious because you can hear them dripping behind your walls and see the water collecting on the floor. However, not all leaks are easy to spot — especially the smaller ones. Unfortunately, even minor leaks can waste multiple gallons of water a day, causing unexpected damage and wreaking havoc on your water bills.

There are a few common places leaks love to hide in a home, and some are easier to locate than others. Let’s discuss the five most common places for a water leak and how to address the problem on time.

  1. In the Toilet

If you have a leaking toilet tank, you might find water collecting around the toilet’s base. However, it’s also possible to find a leak within the toilet itself. In fact, the inside of a toilet is one of the most common places leaks love to hide. This problem is often due to malfunctioning flapper valves and faulty wax rings. Signs of a leak can include constantly running water and difficulty flushing the toilet.

Toilet leaks can drastically increase how much water you consume in a day. Fortunately, most local hardware stores carry toilet repair kits that make it easy to fix your toilet. However, if you don’t feel comfortable handling the repair, contact our Houston, TX plumbers for help.

  1. Beneath the Sink

When you think of common places for a water leak, you might immediately think of the pipes beneath your sinks. These hidden water leaks can easily go unnoticed, especially if you don’t open the cabinets beneath your bathroom or kitchen sinks often.

Don’t ignore these leaks once you spot them. Mold can quickly start to grow due to a buildup of moisture, which can cause musty odors, among other issues.

  1. Among Your Faucets

Is your kitchen faucet constantly dripping? While this may seem like a minor annoyance, the water that’s wasted can quickly add up. This is one of the most common places leaks love to hide because many homeowners might not consider it a leak. However, this ceaseless flow of water can cause more damage to your sink than you realize.

If you want to replace your faucet, you’ll need to shut off the water supply to that sink. Plus, you’ll want to keep the drain open to let any excess water freely exit the sink. The faucet replacement process can seem overwhelming to some homeowners, so reach out to an experienced plumber if you need professional assistance.

  1. Near Your Appliances

We use the appliances in our home frequently, but sometimes they can leak without us knowing. If your water bills have increased recently and you don’t know why, check beneath your dishwasher and washing machine. Problems with our water supply lines and general wear can lead to leaks with various appliances, namely our washing machines.

  1. The Water Heater Tank

Water heater tanks are one of the most common places leaks love to hide. Why? The older your hot water tank gets, the more likely it is to develop corrosion and experience various types of wear. Leaks can also happen due to loose drain valves and faulty pressure relief valves. As a result, you might find water stains or small puddles around the tank.

Although your water heater is one of the most common places for a water leak, don’t ignore the issue when it appears. Leaks often indicate the need for a tank replacement.

Fix Plumbing Leaks With the Experts

As you can see, there are several common places leaks love to hide. From our water heaters to our faucets, hidden leaks can appear when we least expect them — and cause costly water damage as a result.
If you’ve noticed higher water bills, low water pressure, and stains on the ceiling or wall, call a plumber at Universal Home Experts for a Houston pipe repair. We know the common places for a water leak and will fix the problem quickly and accurately. Our team has years of experience and is proud to offer everything from plumbing services to air conditioning repairs. At the first signs of a leak, know that our professional plumbing experts are here to help!

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