4 Plumbing Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home

It’s tempting to focus on cosmetic improvements when you’re selling a home, but you shouldn’t overlook your plumbing. The dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, showers and toilets depend on it daily.

The decision to buy or not buy a house often hinges on the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms. Homebuyers look for new or well-maintained plumbing that will save energy and function for years to come.

Here are four improvements that are sure to put house hunters at ease and boost value.

Invest in a Tankless Water Heater

Traditional water heaters take up a lot of space storing water. Not only that, but the hot water supply is limited.

Tankless water heaters, also called on-demand water heaters, rapidly heat cold water as it’s piped through the unit. There’s plenty of hot water even when several members of the household are showering or operating appliances at the same time.

You can’t beat these gas, electric or solar-powered models for convenience, and they last about twice as long as their forerunners. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless water heaters are anywhere from 8% to 34% more efficient than older models depending on how much hot water is typically used in the home.

Have a Water Filtration System Installed

It’s easier than you may think for contaminants to get into your water. Even if you’re in good shape there, high mineral levels can make the water taste funny or prevent your appliances from operating at top efficiency.

Water filtration systems have numerous benefits:

  • Heavy metals and other pollutants in drinking water can have a dire impact on your health. Filtration systems ensure that your drinking water is safe.

  • Water filtration systems eliminate the plastic water bottles that threaten our environment and ecosystems.

  • Filtration systems save hundreds of dollars a year in bottled water or water delivery costs.

  • Chemicals in water can make life miserable for people with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema. Modern systems filter out irritants like chlorine.

  • Filtration systems reduce the mineral buildup that leaves a chalky residue on dishes and other surfaces. That buildup is also a threat to your pipes and appliances.

Have Leaks Repaired

Household leaks waste close to a trillion gallons of water a year. That’s just in the U.S. Dripping faucets and worn toilet flappers are so problematic that the Environmental Protection Agency sponsors an annual Fix a Leak Week.

Leaks that aren’t addressed can corrode metal, peel paint, cause wood rot and emit unpleasant odors. They’re also inviting to pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and even rodents.

Most leaks are easily corrected. The EPA reports that the average homeowner saves around 10% on water bills after having issues taken care of.

Have the Drains Professionally Cleaned

Drain cleaner may be a quick fix for occasional hair or grease buildup, but drains that are frequently clogged or slow to clear might indicate worse problems.

Have your drains inspected by a pro. They may need snaking or even replacing. Repeated clogs shorten the lifespan of your pipes.

Bottom line: With home prices inching toward record highs, prospective buyers want move-in ready houses with plumbing that will last for years. They won’t mind paying more for your house if recent upgrades save them money down the road. Universal Home Experts is happy to help improve your plumbing. To schedule an appointment, call CTA (713) 364-0226.